As you may have guessed by the fact that I haven’t posted a blog post since April (I resisted the urge to restart yet again), I have been feeling a little uninspired with the whole blogging thing. The same thing happened again; I lost my blogging mojo, my motivation to even think of ideas, let alone write a post, disappeared, and so I stopped. But now that I’ve rediscovered my spark, I think I’ve discovered what the problem was. I focused too much on having a set niche.

Having read numerous tips on rediscovering your blogging motivation, finding inspiration, thinking of post ideas etc, I tend to find one of the main tips given is to decide your niche. Yet as I’ve restarted blog after blog trying to find my niche, I quickly realised (or didn’t realise, actually), perhaps I should have focused on discovering my voice, and my niche, rather than straight up deciding what it was going to be.

I found that when I limited myself to writing about lifestyle with a touch of beauty, I was struggling to think of post ideas, and I just didn’t enjoy blogging at all. Only giving myself one or two topics to write about meant that I didn’t have many ideas, and was really struggling to think of interesting to things to post. But, having taken a break and focused on reading more blogs, rather than writing my own, I seem to have rediscovered my love for blogging, and in turn, found my true niche – book blogging! Having found some new favourites which, I frequently turn to, I’ve realised that the perhaps the main reason why I was struggling to write posts and find ideas I wanted to write about, was because I wasn’t really writing about something I enjoyed writing about. I’ve always loved reading, books and writing fiction, so it was no brainer really*!

With all that in mind, I’ve decided that my future posts will mainly be focused on books and writing, from general discussions to reviews and recommendations, so I hope that’s something you’ll be interested in! Being a teen blogger, my main book genre will be YA fantasy and contemporary, although I’m open to other genres (maybe excluding mystery/thriller/horror), so feel free to send me any recommendations.

I hope you’ll enjoy my new change of direction with where I want to take my blog, and I’ll see you again soon! As for my name, I might consider changing it soon, but as I already purchased my domain (, I don’t think I’ll be changing it too soon – but we’ll see!

* Even though it took me six months of hating blogging and restarting numerous blogs to realise… shhh.

How did you discover your niche? Did it take a while like it did for me? Or did you know where you wanted to take your blog straight away? Let’s talk!

Tia xx


6 thoughts on “[Update] Changing my niche

  1. Ianteresting post. I’ve written something about much blogging that will publish at the end of the week- take a moment to read if you’d like. I’ve found that for me the best approach has been not to confine myself to any one niche which is completely opposite to everything you’ll find online about how to be a successful blogger. This approach is very much working for me since I’ve it a bunch of different topics to generate post ideas! Best of luck!


    1. Thank you! I’ll make sure I check it out! I’ve found that as well, especially when you’re first starting out with blogging. I found that when I confined myself to a niche it felt much more restricting and I just didn’t enjoy blogging. Although, saying that, I seem to of found a topic I love writing about (books), so I think it’s just finding your niche first, rather than setting it straight away. xx


  2. YA fantasy and contemporary!!! *cheers* Some of my favorite genres. I’m glad you’ve found your niche, and haha, I like to think I mainly blog about writing and reading! Hmm, for me, I always knew before I started blogging that I wanted to blog about books and writing — my two favorite things — with a dash of “random” things, which is what I ended up with. Looking forward to seeing your posts! 🙂

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    1. Yesss! Thanks! I’ve noticed that now I’ve found a topic I love writing about, it’s made me much more motivated to blog, and I’ve got so many ideas. That’s interesting! I think the reason for me was I knew I loved reading and writing, but I also loved reading about other topics, I just didn’t realise that the reason I wasn’t enjoying blogging was because I didn’t enjoy what I was writing about. xx

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  3. I love how you were able to find what you truly love now! And never feel like you can’t stray away from your usual content and write something different. There are loads of bloggers out there that blog about all different types of things 🙂

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